Tofu takes practice. The first few times I worked with it I assumed that you could just take it straight out of the package, throw some marinade on it, fry it, bake it, eat it. Boy was I wrong. With this method it would always taste like soggy paper towel. I hated tofu in the beginning, but now that I know how to work with it, I LOVE IT. Honestly, one package feeds Adam and I for two nights of dinner (tofu being the main 'meat'), and it is super cheap. Here is what I do (thanks Nicola!):

Step #1- Take tofu out of the package (draining the excess water). Slice the tofu on its width, making about 6-8 (1/2-1 inch) pieces.

Step#2- Put all of the pieces into a big tupper ware container (so that they can lay down without touching one another). Place the container in the freezer for at least 1 day (more is even better).

Step #3- Defrost the tofu until there is no more ice. Now comes the fun part. Place each 'cutlet' of tofu in your palms and squeeze all of the excess liquid out of them (you should actually feel little bubbles of liquid pop out of the tofu). CAUTION- Do not squeeze the tofu to the point where it breaks want to try and keep it intact.

Finished: Marinade it accordingly. I often use the exact same marinade that I would have on any type of chicken or meat.
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