10 Healthy Alternatives to Burger Buns (Gluten-Free and Vegan)

Why settle for the conventional burger bun, when you could opt for a healthier, more nutritious, albeit fun alternative! Below are 10 of my favorite burger bun alternatives- many of which you might already have in your fridge or pantry:

1) White or Brown Rice (I think brown rice would give a nice chewier texture, and would boost up the fiber content, but either would be delicious). If I were to try this, I would probably grill the rice patties on a skillet so they were nice and crunchy on the outside:


Photo: http://shesimmers.com/

2) Grilled Sweet Potato (or White, Red Potato

Sweet Potato Sliders - I get so inspired by @fitmencook and all of his stacks I thought this would rule..and it does! To make:Slice sweet potato into discs. Bake at 350 for 40-50 minutes or until soft. Make mini burger patties. I used ground buffalo - so good! Grill or seat burgers. Slice onions and do the same. Instead of lettuce, serve with fresh basil, and garnish with fresh thyme and sea salt! To die for! Healthy, delicious #fitness_food !! Don't forget to take your fit pics with your favorite quotes for the #bettyrockyourlife challenge to be featured in my feed next week! Hope you have a great weekend!!#bettyrocker #thefuelsystem #fitfam #fitwomencook #healthyrecipes #myhealthydish #glutenfree

Photo: http://thebettyrocker.com/sweet-potato-sliders/

3) Portobello Mushrooms:

Photo: http://toquegirls.com/turkey-feta-burgers-and-portobello-mushroom-buns/

4) Zucchini:

Herbed Turkey Burgers with Zucchini Buns | Gluten-Free | Queen of Quinoa

Photo: http://www.queenofquinoa.me/2012/08/herbed-turkey-burgers-with-zucchini-buns/

5) Eggplant:

Eggplant Hamburger Bun Low Carb Paleo

Photo: http://evolvedcampfire.wordpress.com/2012/03/28/hamburger-with-grilled-eggplant-bun/

6) Collard Green:

Photo: http://lifehowirunit.blogspot.ca/

7) Tomato (but it would have to be a biggie for the burgers I eat!):

Tomato Avocado Burgers

Photo: http://www.theironyou.com/2013/08/tomato-avocado-burgers-low-carb-and.html

8) Romaine Lettuce:

low carb bread alternative burger no bun

Photo: http://lowcarbediem.com/winning-the-low-carb-bread-war/

9) Flax Bun (RAW):

Photo: http://www.rawon10.com/2010/04/april-18-2010.html

10) Cauliflower (I would substitute the egg in this recipe with a flax egg):

Cauliflower Burger Buns

Photo (and recipe): http://www.rippedrecipes.com/recipe/cauliflower-burger-buns-614.html

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  1. Fantastic ideas !! I can't wait to try the grilled sweet potato 'buns.' Much appreciated.

  2. Anonymous12:25 PM

    The oven roasted white potato buns are excellent. Use large round potato. The edges with the peel left on are the best.
    I can not eat grain or gluten or dairy. I can not eat white potato too often, carb intolerant, but do splurge with this once a week. With ground turkey... It's a hamburger again and I love it.


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