SEX AND VEGANISM: Vegan Safe Alternatives

I only recently found out that many necessary sex products contain animal ingredients. This came as a shock to me, and I almost felt doomed (condoms have milk casein in them?!!). This brought me to a world of Vegan safe sex products, that are not only animal-free, but better for the environment, and my 'unmentionables' :). Peta has also launched a "sex shop", to make shopping for vegan sex products easier. Here is a list of some of the products which I give a healthy, vegan 'thumbs up' to!: 

CONDOMS: Many latex condoms are made with a milk protein called "milk casein", which is certainly not vegan friendly (which is something that those with milk allergies should consider). Furthermore, one of the main alternatives to this type of condom is typically lamb-skin (not something I want to dabble in). This is important to know, not only for vegans, but non-vegans alike. Many women and men are ultra sensitive, if not allergic to latex, and don't even know it!  "Durex" has created a great polyurethane based condom called "Bare" for those who do not tolerate latex.  A great latex, vegan alternative comes from a company called "Glyde".  They come in many different sizes, fits, and flavors. Regardless of whether you are vegan or not, I think that it is important to consider what products you use (on a regular basis), and whether or not they are 'natural'. For me, condoms are not something that I want to 'fool around with' (pardon the pun), and therefore I think it is important to be aware of what is available to you.

LUBRICANT: Lubricant is often tested on, or animal based (the 'glide' in these, is often due to animal fats used in the product). Even some of the water-based lubricants are not all natural, or animal-free. Unlike a condom, lubricant will most definitely be absorbed (in a small or large degree) by the body, so it is important to chose the right product for you are your partner. In my opinion, the best lubricant comes from a company called "Sliquid" not only because it is animal-free/ friendly, but condom-friendly, glycerin and paraben-free, and some types are water-based, as well. They also have an organic version, which is safe, and not ridiculously expensive.

LOTIONS/ OILS: This is where I believe most people fall prey to animal unfriendly, filled products. The great thing is, unlike condoms and lubricants, there are many vegan options that are inexpensive, and easy to find. Your safest bet for oils is to stick with a product that has limited ingredients, and is natural as possible. A great oil is Jojoba oil because it mocks skin oil, is completely natural, and safe for the body. Olive oil is another great option, along with any of the available nut (almond, etc.,) and fruit (apricot, etc.,) oils. There are also great Hemp oils, such as from "Earthly Body" which soak into the skin well, leaving it soft and smooth. Because all of these options are 100% natural, they are also edible, and completely safe to use.

I hope this was helpful. If in doubt, ask the manufacturer, research, or email Peta (or another reputable vegan company). It is important to know what you are putting into your body, always.
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