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A post for me to catalog any interesting sites or videos I come in contact with:

Favorite (Pro-Vegetarian/ Vegan/ Environment) Websites:

Skin Deep :
I use this site prior to buying any cosmetic, personal care or house product. It deals with a rating system of how 'natural' a product is (0 being all natural, and 10 being well, nasty). It also outlines all of the negative or positive impacts of the ingredients, including potential health risks. 

A must for any vegan or vegetarian, or someone who is remotely interested in animals well-being.
This is a fantastic website where you can sign various petitions, for various causes, with just the click of a button.

Favorite (Pro-Vegetarian/ Vegan/ Environment) Videos:

Warning, this video is an extremely graphic, but TRUE account on the mistreatment of animals. If you live near me, or know me I have a copy you can borrow :)

The Cove:
Although graphic, this is a documentary about the plight of Dolphins in Japan. It also has a great website where you can test how much mercury is in the fish products you eat (where you will quickly notice that most if not all are well above the health standards).

Supersize Me:
Although not directly vegan or vegetarian, this is a great documentary to watch about the importance of healthy eating habits.

An Inconvenient Truth
A very convincing documentary about the existence of Global Warming.

Food, Inc.
Although there are some graphic clips of animal abuse scattered throughout, this is a great documentary that goes beyond animal abuse and into a case for organic fruits and vegetables, and the plight of the farmer.

Food Matters
A great documentary about the importance of a healthy vegetable based diet, the myths surrounding prescription medication and vitamins, and methods for curing common diseases (like cancer).
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  1. OMG The Cove was so shocking! Pretty sure I cried.
    And Food Inc. changed my life.


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