Fizzy Bath Bombs

I LOVE taking baths. It is one of the best ways for me to relax, and it is always made better with these bath bombs. The 'fizzy' aspect comes from a chemical reaction between an acid (citric) and a base (baking soda). But these bath bombs are not just for 'kicks and giggles'. They are also filled with body soothing ingredients, as well as calming essential oils. These will not only make your bath more enjoyable, but can be tweaked to your liking to help ensure healthy, smooth skin. They are easy and fun to create, and would make great gifts!

Ingredients (amount depends on the mold):
1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup citric acid (this is a dry powder that can be found in bulk stores like Bulk Barn)
15 drops Essential oil (I use lavender for a calming effect, but you can use your favorite. Check out my essential oils post for more information, located "here")
1 tsp base oil (I prefer jojoba, but you can use olive oil, or your favorite)
Water (preferably in a spray bottle)

1) Blend the baking soda and citric acid together in a large bowl. Add the essential oil a few drops at a time, combine with a whisk. Add you base oil, and whisk to combine. Now comes the tedious part, spray the water into the mixture (or add 1/4 tsp at a time), mixing with your hands until the mixture begins to come together. The mixture is ready when you can press it between your palm, and it holds its shape. Press the bombs into the desired shape (a silicone muffin pan works well; flexible molds are best), and allow to dry overnight. To use, place desired amount of bath bombs into a hot bath, and enjoy!

Some inspirational scents:
Rosemary Mint (add about 1/4 tsp, dried, of each to create a pretty effect)
Energizing Citrus (add 1/4 tsp of dried, chopped citrus peels, along with their essential oil)
Tea Bath Bombs (Add your favorite fine tea leaves, such as chamomile, or green tea)
Coffee Bath Bomb (Add 1-2 tbsp coffee granules, which act as a great exfoliate)
Spicy Bath Bomb (Add 1/4 tsp of dried cinnamon, and ginger)
Romantic Rose (Add 1/2 tsp chopped, dried rose petals, along with their essential oil)

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    Shea Butter

  2. I know this is old, but I had to comment on the using saran wrap for to make bath bombs without citric acid. I’ve been wrapping mine in Saran Wrap for years. I’ve had bombs over a year old that I’ve used that still smelled amazing. Just saying. Love the blog by the way. 😍


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