Citrus Salad with Dijon Dressing

This salad is a nod to Summer, because Summer is citrus season. Yum! I always have a ton of citrus fruits hanging around in my fridge, and dijon is my go-to condiment of choice, so I thought that they would make an exceptional pair (...even if forced). Tossed with greens, this salad is a great make-ahead, because the longer the citrus fruits mingle with the dressing, the better. Enjoy this with a great summery soup, or out on your patio, watching the birds (or in my case, strange neighbors scratching their asses....what a shame). Sorry..the picture sort of sucks because we ate almost all of the salad before I got a chance to take it....this was the leftover. Just a testament to how good it really was :)

Ingredients (serves 4-6):
1 orange, peeled, segmented and chopped
1 grapefruit, peeled, segmented, and chopped
1 mango, peeled and chopped
2-3 green onions, chopped

1/3 cup chopped walnuts, almonds, or your favorite nuts
4-6 handfuls of field greens, or your favorite greens (to toss in when salad is ready to serve)

2 tbsp Dijon mustard
1.2 lemon, juiced
1/2 tbsp sesame oil
1/2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp agave, or maple syrup
sea salt and pepper to taste (optional)

1) Whisk together the dressing ingredients in a large bowl. Toss in the chopped fruits, as well as the green onions. Allow them to mingle for at least 30 minutes. When ready to serve, toss in greens and nuts. Enjoy!
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