Lemonade Iced Fruit Tea (sweetened with Stevia)

OH MAN! It is hot here in Ontario. I am starting to get really angry at the weather man because he keeps saying that it will rain, but then it doesn't, it only gets HOTTER. I am typing this with two fans pointed directly at me, while my poor doggy doo's pant in frustration (as I toss them an ice cube to munch on here and there). I ran out of strawberries for my "Strawberry Vanilla Lemonade", but still had lemons and stevia. I seem to buy so much herbal fruit tea, but never use it. I run down that grocery aisle and think "mmm, pomegranate acai", or "raspberry pear", bring it home, and it gets pushed to the back of my cupboard. But with this recipe, finally a reason to use them all up! This is a very low calorie treat (thanks to stevia) and is surprisingly easy to make! All you need are lemons, fruit tea, and stevia. It sort of reminds me of those uber expensive lemonade teas you can get from Starbucks, only this one is better for you, and you can choose from more flavors (and you don't have to hear annoying people in the line-up ordering double, low fat, no whip, extra hot, shaken not stirred, gimmicky drinks).

Ingredients (serves 1, me, on a hot day):
6 cups steeped fruit tea (any flavor you like)
5 big lemons juiced
4 1 gram packets of stevia (you can add more or less to your liking)

1) Steep the fruit tea, then cool it down in the fridge. Add lemon juice and stevia, stir, and serve in a big glass over ice. 
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