Vegan Dog Resources

Here are some of the online resources I have used to formulate my 'Vegan Dog Plan of Action' (just click on the titles):

ECO VEGAN DOG: A great vegan dog blog.

VEGETARIAN DOGS: A vegetarian dog resource, including a great book that teaches you all about vegetarianism in dogs. 

VEGAN VET: This is the website of one of the few strictly vegan/ vegetarian vets (not that it isn't recommended by many)

VEGAN FLOWER:  Another amazing blog from a vegan dog owner.

VEGAN DOG AD CAT: For those cat owners out there, this is a great resource, but it also has tons of important research pertaining to vegan dogs.

VEGAN POET: Posts about vegan dogs, foods, etc.

CNN: An article concerning vegan dogs and cats, including information about the longest living dog (who happened to be vegetarian!)

PETA: An article about vegetarian/ vegan pets.

BORN FREE: An article about what could be in commercial meat based pet foods.

VEGEPETS: Several articles on vegan pets.


OBLIGATE CARNIVORE: Cats, Dogs & What it Really Means to Be Vegan

VEGAN DOG DOWNLOADABLE BOOKLET: This outlines all of the information you will need to transition your dogs into a vegan lifestyle...and it's FREE! 

THE DOG FOOD PROJECT: This has a great section that compares vegan and vegetarian foods.

How to Make Vegan Dog Food

Dogs Can Thrive on a Vegan Diet: 

Meet Some Vegan Dogs:

Just For Laughs:

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